Back With the Hack

Back With the Hack

The opening of the metaphorical newspaper these days seems to read, “[Insert major corporation], and it’s users have been hacked”.  This news seems to arrive with less and less shock each time we read it. The newest breach in customer data comes from Chase Bank. Personal details including bank statements, transaction details, names and account numbers have been exposed to the unnamed hackers. However, Chase has not disclosed which customers were impacted, whether it be credit card holders, personal or business accounts.

The prominent bank sent out the obvious email and letter to customers explaining a technical issue that caused the security breach, however data shows the breach lasted well over a year, tracked from May 24th 2020-July 14th 2021, and impacted both online and mobile app customers, making some question Chase’s ability to keep their customers information secure.

Although affected customers were offered free credit monitoring for a year, they should remain vigilant about double checking their transactions and monitoring phishing emails. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Chase has faced these adversities, in 2014 they were hit by a massive data breach which is believed to have compromised data of over 43 million accounts, raising concerns about phishing attacks at the time.

The FBI has eluded to Russian retaliation due to U.S. backed sanctions in place over the Ukraine crisis, but the 76 million households affected by this breach would likely tell you to be on alert and monitor your accounts regularly.


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