Oakland CA Hacked, Data for sale on Dark Web

Oakland CA Hacked, Data for sale on Dark Web

Victims compromised from the ransomware attack on the City of Oakland are reporting their credit card information has been hacked, with some with their identities stolen.

It’s been 12 days since stolen personal and financial files from the City of Oakland was leaked onto the dark web by ransomware group “Play.” The stolen data has more than 3,100 views as of Thursday evening. The city has provided a phone number for affected consumers to get help accessing resources: 866-869-1861.

“Currently, there are 40 different victim profiles active on the site,” said James Aurand, the counterintelligence lead with Binary Defense.

Aurand says 18 of those victim profiles appear to be from Oakland – about 10 GB of data.

“A lot of the victim profiles actually have data that has been leaked,” said Aurand. “A couple of them are new victims that have been posted.”

According to Aurand, the dark website has a countdown timer letting victims know how much time they have left before that data is going to be released or made public on the site. It’s accessible through a password that’s provided to view the data.

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