No, we are staffed in Lexington but to keep costs down, we provide quick an virtual support for your system and software issues. We do not repair hardware at our office.
It simple, just click on the "M" logo that will be installed in your task bar (by your time/clock in the lower right hand side of your monitor) and you will be connected to your dedicated IT Engineer that has all of your device's information and will create a support ticket for you and resolve your problem in an timely manner
We remotely install code (with your permission) and that allows our control center to monitor your device. Some of the items that we monitor are CPU temperatures, hard drive space, hard drive speed, ram/memory usage, etc. We send you out automatic alerts if there is a hardware issue detected.
Our WebRoot Cyber Security is automatically installed on all your devices so that you can be assured that all of your workers have it running and scanning their devices.
Of course, we can price out larger packages for you.
Its simple, we email each of your employees a code and all they have to do is click on the link and everything is installed on their pc.
Sure do, business is not "cookie cutter" and neither are we. We are happy to discuss something unique to you.
Its all month to month! We know...UNHEARD of in this industry