Best Protection for your Business
Its like having a team of certified IT engineers on staff!
Just because you are not a big company doesn't mean you don't need support
Live Device Monitoring
Automatically alert you with hardware issues
Engineers fix many of your issues via scripts before they become a big problem
Instant Help right from your desktop
Help you by remote control your desktop as needed
WordPress, Excell, Outlook, Powerpoint Office 365 support
Email support
2TB Encrypted Backup and Team Encrypted Drive
Printer support
Network support
Online Ticketing System 24 hours
Phone, live support 8:30 to 5:30 M-F Eastern
Cyber Stack: Webroot Cyber Security Virus Protection Included
Dark Web Scanning and Alert Monitoring
Cyber Stack: Firewall, Phishing and Malware protecion
Hardware Inventory, consulting and procurement
Your employees get easy to understand online Cyber Security training with Certifications
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